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Name: Hanakisou
Alternate Name: Hanakisou Manga
Year of Release: 2008
Status: Ongoing
Author: Maki, Kouda
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Shoujo
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As violence and death increase, a prophet foretells a snowfall that will bury the world and all life. The Savior and Kuroto are the hope and despair that manifest in the world. If only Kuroto is erased, the world can continue… Hanashiro has been raised by the prophet as the Savior, told that only he could save the world from destruction. Hanashiro s duty is to kill the one known only as -Kuroto- While traveling, Hanashiro stumbles upon and immediately recognizes Kuroto. Instead of finding some monster, Hanashiro is faced with an ordinary, quiet young man that lives a hermit-like existence in the mountains. Slightly confused and curious, Hanashiro stays his hand and slowly becomes friends with Kuroto. However, time passes and it becomes apparent that the next snowfall will be the one that never ends. Does the world s existence really depend upon Kuroto s fate? Will Hanashiro fulfill his duty?

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