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Name: Hakuryuu Legend
Alternate Name: Dragon Boat Legend, Hakuryuu - Legend, Hakuryuu Legend, Peeron - Legend, Peeron Legend, Pe~ron Legend
Year of Release: 2008
Status: Ongoing
Author: TENNOUJI Dai
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
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The stage is the Tokyo district of Roppongi and the players are the various Yakuza gangs. One much smaller gang is audaciously trying to carve out territory for itself. That gang's boss relies heavily on his second in command, the notoriously shrewd and powerful young man with the nickname Hakuryu. With Hakuryu's guidance, their small gang of 40 members may be able to stand up to others with even 200 times their numbers. The gang geography of Roppongi is hotly contested, and it will take strength and strategy to get by in that dangerous world!

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