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Hakoiri Devil Princess

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Name: Hakoiri Devil Princess
Alternate Name: Devil Princess From Mysterious Box; My Dearest Devil Princess
Year of Release: 2004
Status: Completed
Author: Matsumoto Makoto
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Supernatural
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A box that grants three wishes might seem like a dream come true. At least thats what Keita thought, but inside the box he finds a girl. And this girl is no genie - Maki is a devil princess and she is come to take Keita s soul! But she can only take his soul after he makes his third wish. So, as a sheltered demon with little knowledge of how to be evil, Maki must rely on her trusty guidebook to teach herself the ways of the nefarious arts and trick Keita into using up his wishes. Until then, Maki s going to live with Keita until he cant stand living anymore.

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