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Gokudou Darling

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Name: Gokudou Darling
Alternate Name: Gangster Darling, GOKUDOU DARLING Manga
Year of Release: 2012
Status: Ongoing
Author: Fujikawa Ruri
Genre: Drama, Romance, Yaoi
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When his mother dies in a sudden accident on a honeymoon after her remarriage, the destitute host, Tatsumi, has no idea that her new husband had been the oyabun of a yakuza gang. But while Tatsumi continues to refuse to accept his inheritance, the new leader of the gang, and Tatsumi's step-brother, Yoshimune, appears. He welcomes Tatsumi into the family by force. Gradually, while living with Yoshimune who won't leave him alone for some reason, Tatsumi starts to…?! A manly story of the defensive and offensive love strategies of two brothers not related by blood.

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