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Name: Caramel Kiss
Alternate Name: Kyarameru Kissu
Year of Release: 2007
Status: Completed
Author: Yagami Chitose
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo
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The fiance' of the witch Meru, is a sexy and wild werewolf?! The witch Meru and her werewolf fiance', Riku, should have been married...but on the day of the wedding disaster strikes! A spell that the magician Nazo was casting accidentally hit Meru and she transformed into a little kid!! The only one who can return her back to normal is the one who cast the spell and Nazo has quickly escaped. What happens to Riku on the quest to find the missing magician? And how does their love stretch with Meru stuck in a little girls body? Will things ever go right for this unlikely pair??

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