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Name: Anata Nanka Iranai
Alternate Name: Anta Nanka Iranai; I Don't Need You
Year of Release: 2001
Status: Ongoing
Author: Mimori Ao
Genre: Romance, Shoujo
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1) I'm Running Towards You Sayurin and Araki have been going out for a while when Araki asked her to be the manager of his volleyball team. But once Sayurin joined she liked Araki's best friend?! What will happen to their relationship? 2) I Don't Need You Madoka loves Wakui, but two weeks since she kissed him, she suddenly learns he has a girlfriend! How will she cross this obstacle to true love? 3) Come On! Ena has cared for Keita Gotou ever since the first day of school, but currently he is going out with her best friend Reiko. One night while walking home, Keita wants Ena to stay over?! What is going to happen to Ena's relationship with Reiko? 4) I Still Love You On the day he met Ekko, Kazumi knew that she would be his girlfriend, so they began to date. Kazumi begins to notice that Etsuko likes his friend. What will happen with them?

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